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An Elevated Cigar Experience

At Cultured Cigar Concierge, our goal is to elevate the culture of cigar smoking through; improved inventory management for venues, providing cigar sales at private and public events, as well as offering educational opportunities on cigar culture.

Hand crafted whisky and cigar in the distillery warehouse


Over the course of several years, Everett, Ryan, Jason, and Julian developed a friendship through their shared passion for bourbon and cigars. Connoisseurs in their own right, the three were always looking for their next great sip and their next great smoke.

In time, the four began to notice that not all cigar smoking experiences were created equal. They discovered a common denominator that directly affected all their experiences—KNOWLEDGE.

They came to the realization that their level of satisfaction with each cigar smoking experience was directly affected by the amount of knowledge had by those around them.

Out of their desire to enhance the smoking experience for all cigar lovers, Cultured Cigar Concierge was born.


Boxes of Cuban cigars on a shelf.

Inventory Management

  • Cigar Inventory management for venues

  • Cigar and Whiskey Pairings

  • Cigar of the month

  • Humidor checks

  • Staff Training

outdoor table setting at wedding reception


  • Weddings

  • Parties

  • Private Events

  • Public Events

  • Other Special Events

Drying tobacco leaf.


  • History of Cigar Making

  • Cutting, Lighting, Smoking (CLS)

  • Cigar etiquette

  • Anatomy of Cigar

  • How to pick the cigar for you

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